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The Gigaboom is their Staff Picked favorite speaker. It’s  comes in two color ways, raw or gunmetal. Staff picked because:

1) THE BUILD IS BEEFY – it’s constructed with a double-shot injected FULL TPU from body to core. Most speakers use over or single shot molding processes that aren’t nearly as strong/thick. This process allows the insane 4k lbs. crushproof rating.

Since they use TPU, the speaker also absorbs shocks better than most speakers, which are generally made from abs plastics. ABS plastics are weaker and more brittle than TPU, but are used because…well…they’re about half the price to use. TPU has insanely high shear and elastic strange, making it great in impact situations – for them, from 100ft. to the dirt, or from 30ft onto concrete, guaranteed.

2) THE SOUND IS SUMPTUOUS – this is the speaker which caused one blind tester to say it had, “depth and clarity that gave [them] chills.” They cannot summarize it better. Of all its totable competitors, this 86db, 50w speaker takes the cake. It quite simply has a fuller sound, and better bass. The 6 massive drivers and 2 T.I. amplifiers just do their job. As one of their team members said, “Think B*se, but bulletproof.”





  • Body – Double Injected TPU Body w/ Metal Jacket
  • IP67 – Waterproof for 30 min up to 3m (+ Dustproof) 
  • 30+ ft – Standard In-House RoamProof drop test requirement
  • 4,000+ lbs – Standard In-House RoamProof load bear requirement 
  • Torch – 5 Lumen 3 in 1 SOS Signal Light
  • 5 -Year RoamProof Warranty


  • Power – 2x 25W Ti Amplifiers ( 50W Total Output )
  • Drivers – Two 2.75” Subwoofers + Two 1” Tweeters; Two 3.6″ Passive Deep Bass Radiators.
  • TWS (TrueWireless) – Pair any 2 RoamProof speakers together for true stereo surround sound.
  • Bluetooth – CSR64210 4.0 Version 100 ft Range (Optional Aux-In)
  • Mic – Built-In, High Sensitivity w/ .CVC Echo Processing
  • Blind Test – participants preferred Gigaboom over Bea*s,  L* * ePro * f  and  J * L comparable speakers in full blind test.



Pre – Order | $169