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Over the last two years they have gone though many iterations of experimenting, creating and testing different configurations to find ways to make their wallet better. The challenge was to keep with their minimalist design whilst adding useful functionality. They believe they have now found their TROVE 2.0: The Swift!

Their backers and customers over the last three years have given a lot of feedback on the TROVE Wallet, they love the versatility of having 3 separate compartments, the quality of materials and workmanship and the compact and minimalist aesthetics. The TROVE Swift retains all of the qualities our customers love about the original wallet and adds a quick access pull-tab. They know everyone has that one card that they use everyday more than others, and they wanted to improve the speed and accessibility by adding the Swift pull-tab.


They tested different materials to use for the ribbon and pull-tab, experimenting with leathers, plastics, rubbers and even carbon-fibre. Through a process of elimination, they found the best combination of materials in a polyester ribbon and metal tab. Both of which have been custom made in Italy to meet their specific requirements of usability, aesthetics, strength, and durability. The ribbon has been made to balance perfectly between strength and weight, it is only 0.3mm thick whilst being incredibly strong and durable. The Swift tab has also been custom-made with a rubberized coating to increase grip.




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