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Do you own a car? Then you need thier products. Sidekick and Metro are two revolutionary new products that will change the way you transport cargo in your car. Using their patent pending technologies, Sidekick and Metro can hold just about anything. The Metro sticks firmly to your vehicle’s carpet and provides a wall to stop your cargo from moving around. Don’t have carpet in your trunk? Sidekick grips to rubber liners and flush velour. Simply place your cargo on the platform and it won’t budge.

  • Peace of Mind – Never again worry about objects getting damaged in your car
  • Made from High Impact Plastic – Virtually indestructible, can withstand the heaviest objects.
  • Easy to use – Ergonomic handles makes positioning cargo a breeze
  • Better than traditional cargo organizers – The modular design allows infinite amount of uses and positions



The METRO Cargo Organizer builds on the design of their CLASSIC Cargo Oraganizer and gives you extreme flexibility of use in your car to hold objects of almost any size and create compartments with unlimited combinations.

Using VELCRO® Brand Hook Tech to stick to the carpet in your car your goods are going to be safe and sound when you arrive at your destination.


The SIDEKICK Cargo Holder is a revolutionary new way to secure your goods on rubber liners in your car. Drawing from the ease of use of our hook based units they wanted to create a unit which offered similar flexibility of use and maintain the easy-to-use traits. With the SIDEKICK they actually think we have made this our easiest to use Cargo unit yet!

Simply slip it under your cargo and let physics and our patent pending grip structure do the rest.



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