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Language is beautiful, fascinating and occasionally frustrating – especially if the conversation is between speakers of two different languages! When you’re traveling abroad, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in an unknown place without a means to effectively communicate.

Real communication is natural and face-to-face. Without eye contact and body language, conversations are awkward or altogether impossible.

That’s why they created the WT2 translator, the real-time translating earphone for natural, hands-free communication. Conversations between different languages are enabled by two earphone translators and one app. Each person wears one earphone – you speak in your language, they hear in theirs.

5057eebc611f84d7afb01ca7ebacde70_original.jpgf4269fa73f5b01c8391058bbc2e872dc_original.pngPerfect for travel enthusiasts, expats, homestay students, cross-cultural families, international shops, hotels and everyone in between. WT2 can help make your travel experience more enjoyable and improve your communication efficiency with foreign customers or partners.



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