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Zero Gravity Upright Posture (ZGUP) Cushion is undoubtedly the most ergonomic and comfortable cushion you will find. it produces a weightless sitting experience so you can get up feeling revitalized.  Releases sitting stress & slumping stress on your spine and hips, and promotes a healthier lifestyle, and Reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain to power through your day.



Improving posture could be a vague idea. You may think a series of personal training sessions, strict diets, and miles of walking and running will do the trick.

However, it is actually easier than that. Muscles are very dynamic. Re-training the muscles can changes your bone structure. Here is a catch though. Building muscles memory takes about 3 months. Plus, you need to introduce new good habits to your muscles. It’s like learning how to play golf for the first time.

Using the Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion helps build muscle memory. Your body will realize poor posture and bad habits, and start working towards good posture. Using it for months will make your body feel a ton much better. Consistency. That’s why we build this cushion because it can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and change your habits immediately.




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