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Be your most professional, masculine, and confident self every day with the revolutionary, new, Nitro Musk by Musk & Hustle. Thier own ingeniously crafted versions of the fragrances you know and love, from the biggest and best designer brands, in a more concentrated, rugged, heroic, and kick-ass form.

Not all men can be born as Greek Gods, and that’s OK.  Whether you’re a stunningly handsome man or not, the way you smell is something you can, and should control.


Employing equal parts nifty science, big brains, and tireless hustle they’ve revolutionized men’s fragrances by creating pure oil cologne they call Nitro Musk. They craft Nitro Musk using the finest ingredients on earth. The exact same grade of raw materials, the same origin and composition of essential oils, and the same unique, exotic, and expensive specialty raw materials as more expensive and less concentrated designer spray colognes.







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