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Turn your dull, unproductive meetings into energy-charged collaborative sessions.  mcSquares are a 4-in-1 dry-erase system that includes multiple surfaces to enable collaborative thinking and effective communication. They are modular tools that foster innovation by encouraging individuals to comfortably contribute in team environments.  4 Different Surfaces With Each mcSquare!!




The world’s best team dry-erase system.

In this high-tech environment, businesses still consistently use dry-erase boards to collaborate, innovate and refine concepts – but these whiteboards don’t effectively facilitate creative thinking and individual contribution. While there are “apps” that attempt to help companies brainstorm and visualize ideas, there is no substitute for sketching your ideas on a smooth dry-erase board.

With mcSquares, everyone’s ideas are heard, valued and shared: even those ideas which are routinely kept private by people who aren’t comfortable in group settings.

Thoughtfully designed for incredible innovation.

mcSquares were developed to democratize meetings by pulling the focus away from the facilitator and empowering everyone in the room to join in the creative collaboration. Their mcSquares are personal, dry erase boards designed to get people in a meeting room to contribute their best ideas.




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