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Fire is one of our oldest tools. The glow, the warmth, the smell, it hits on something inside all of us. We love to be around it, yet it always seems to come with this annoying sidekick – smoke.

At BioLite, they’ve been cleaning up wood fires all over the world for over five years. This time around, they’ve got their sights set on the fire in your backyard with the BioLite FirePit, a smokeless wood-burning device that cooks your meals and gives you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire.


They know that playing with fire is a touchy subject: why would you want to go and mess with something as classic and lovable as a campfire? Well, they’re not messing with it; they’re making it burn the same stuff, just better. This isn’t a weird chemical fuel or a gas flame – it’s wood, being the best it can be. All it needs is some air in the right places.




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