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His name is Nana Boateng Osei, founder of Bohten eyewear. Five years ago, he started Bohten with a vision of change: the possibility of transforming missed opportunities into sustainable life in his home country.

Growing up in Ghana, he saw what happens when you make too little out of too much. It’s a country rich with natural resources, yet the average Ghanian lives with under $1 USD per day. There’s no working infrastructure to build up artisans for job creation and Innovation. The youth in Ghana need a spark in the manufacturing and design industry.

This campaign isn’t about him getting rich. This campaign is about change. You’ll notice after reading through what he has here that their eyewear is top notch. It’s made of reclaimed African wood, worn by celebrities, and has a unique, stylish look. If you support their campaign, you’ll get amazing glasses, but more importantly, you’ll support his lifelong mission to create jobs where he comes from. They’ll achieve this by building their own lens and eyewear hub in Accra, Ghana, which will be followed by hundreds more all across the African continent.


Made exclusively of wood from the Volta lake region of Ghana, our 2018 collection #Bohten5 is not only an evolution of their most popular designs to date, but a stepping stone towards their ultimate goal of creating a full production hub. Check out some of their newest designs:




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