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Introducing the ultimate carry-on by Axial Case.  A durable nylon luggage on smooth-gliding four wheel spinners loaded with patented features found on no other case.  From handle that converts to a built-in seat and a tray topper, to power chargers and game board, Axial elevates your travel experience. 


Seat and Foot Rest –  When airports become crowded, people resort to sitting on floors or leaning against walls for support, hardly an ideal situation for travelers.  Their removable handle instantly converts to a seat for use anywhere.  The height of the seat is a comfortable 18 inches from the floor. The ripstop nylon chair seat is 13 inches x 8 inches wide, which is a common seating area for a camp style stool, and can withstand 250 pounds of weight.  Place your feet on the chair seat to form an ottoman/foot rest when you do have a airport seat





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