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Be. stands for Beyond Electric. Unlike electric toothbrushes, Be. is more than just a vibrating head. Built as a kinetic storage device, Be. harnesses and amplifies the power of 2 simple twists into over 80,000 tartar fighting brush strokes using its patented multiplier transmission system.


Battery & Electric-Free – Brushing with Be. means no cables, no batteries, and no problems. Transform your daily brushing routine into a simple 3-step process: put toothpaste on the bristles, give the dial two full twists, hit the power button and let Be. work its magic.

Sustainable – Practice zero waste at home with Be.’s 100% biodegradable brush heads and recyclable build. The first toothbrush that gives you all the benefits of clean teeth, at no expense to the earth.

Smart Technology – Be.’s smart sensor operates at the ADA recommended precise tartar-fighting pressure of 120g, training you to brush thoroughly but consciously. With 80,000 charcoal infused brushstrokes at the perfect pressure, you’re off brushing for a diamond clean smile.

Travel-Friendly – Whether you’re traveling for business, backpacking outdoors or just bringing your toothbrush to work, Be. keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle. The snap-on case creates an easy to carry cylinder and fits 1 extra brush refill for extended travel.0eda231a6372b8e54a5a65c37fd34366_original.jpg


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