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Millions of runners face the same issue every time they go out for a quick run: How to efficiently carry small personal items (cell phone, keys, ID, cards, etc.) while running free and in complete comfort?

FITLY, a Minimalist Running Pack solves it in a totally new way; one rooted in biomechanics, decades of endurance training experiences and the focus on what’s essential.

If you are a runner, like 100% of our testers, you will absolutely LOVE your FITLY too!



Runners care a lot about product performance.  In the making of FITLY, they logged hundreds of miles, challenging every inch of every component.  They are proud to say that FITLY has the most cutting-edge components available today.

FITLY is a World’s First with its totally awesome patent pending Thoracic Belt System: two subpectoral front pockets attached to a stretch belt that retracts slightly so all items are kept in place when you run and are naturally accessible without affecting your running form.



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