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When you strip tongs back to the basics, you’re not actually looking at tongs anymore. You’re looking at hands. Tongs should be an extension of your hands – an extension that can get hot, messy, and extra grippy when the going gets tough. And to be a perfect extension of your hands, your tongs need to lock and unlock intuitively, just like your hands grab and release. No weird dongles to pull, tabs to slide, or upside-down gravity tricks. No using one hand to help the other. Just you and your tongs, lefty or righty, working together to get stuff done.


To conceptualize the overall tong shape, we went back to a familiar form: the original GIR Ultimate Spatula. By splitting this shape down the center and making some thoughtful adjustments to size and proportion, they were able to create tong blades that conform to bowls and pans at an ideal angle, grip precisely, slide gracefully underneath delicate items, and provide an equally enjoyable experience for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Gently curved edges and softened cuts, along with a tapered overlap, make for an easy grip and completely eliminate the possibility of pinched fingers. And a 35° angle when fully open is comfortable for hands large and small.



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