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Heelight, the world’s most intelligent bulb that can hear the environment through a digital sound control. You can change the bulb’s color and brightness by sound without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or ZigBee gateway. It has 16 million RGB colors that can be used and adjusted according to your preferences.


Heelight doesn’t just change by the variation of rhythm, she can feel your body movement and start changing the light. Fast or slow, intense or relaxed, Heelight knows you and enjoy the music together with you.  Let’s say you are having an awesome birthday party or you are on a special occasion, Heelight is perfectly good and convenient to be used as candle!Not just that! Heelight is concerned about your kid’s safety in case they blow real candles. Turn her to candle mode on your phone.  She will switch off after you blow it for 1 to 1.5 seconds, and light up again after three to four seconds. Heelight is the only one in the world’s light family who turns off after you blow it like a candle.



Pre – Order | $29