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Unlike most tech fleece garments, MINIM doesn’t rely on a chemical coating to block moisture. Their fabric contains a state-of-the-art, 10k waterproof membrane, similar to high-end outerwear brands. Because of this, moisture is blocked at the middle of the fabric, leaving the user dry as can be. It’s super-soft and flexible properties mimic common fleece, rather than feeling like typically rigid rain gear.


They’re a group of hikers, campers, surfers, and snowboarders. They started MINIM to create versatile pieces that could span our lives, allowing us to focus more on getting outside and less on packing the right gear. They believe that less is more, and in order to fully experience the world, we can’t be weighed down with countless material objects. That’s why they create all of their garments with 3-in-1 versatility: providing the protection of outerwear, the comfort of loungewear, and styling of your favorite daily pieces. Blending innovative materials with utilitarian design, they build their garments for work and play while lasting for years to come.



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