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One Pen, Adjustable Lengths, Insanely Refill-Friendly.  The Ti Arto EDC is their most adjustable pen yet and it accepts over 750 different refills without any hacks, mods, or annoying tip-wiggle. This pen machined from solid titanium, accepts hundreds of different refills and can be customized to be the perfect length. Making it a pen that can be passed down from one generation to the next.



In 2012, they realized that if they wanted to buy a premium rollerball or ballpoint pen that they’d be stuck buying that specific companies refills for life. It felt extremely limiting being tied to only one proprietary refill/brand, considering the large number of great refills on the market. At the time, our only option would be to hack, slash, and modify other refills to fit inside. So they set out to make pens that changed the game for the better. Pens that took the guesswork out of swapping refills to fit people’s personal taste and that were built to last.




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