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The Forktula is the world’s first and only fork accessory. Now you can lick your plate in public! No more awkward first dates, never miss a drop, and bring the party to any dinner table. Made with FDA approved food grade silicone for all your plate licking needs.



The Forktula (patent pending), is a small FDA approved food grade silicone spatula for your fork. It easily slides on to the two outer prongs of any standard fork. Now all you do is scrape, swipe, wipe, and squeegee your plate to victory!  The silicone is durable to withstand high heat or low cold, while also being able to stretch and mold to fit any standard fork. In developing the design they tested various spatulas, measured hundreds of forks, and found that most forks are within 1mm in size difference. They made the Forktula to fit directly in the middle, allowing the silicone to stretch for large forks, or grip on to smaller forks. The double holes in the Forktula allow it to not wobble or spin around on your fork, so you’ve got nothing but clean plates every time.




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