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There’s nothing quite like outdoors. With your boots tied tight, a backpack, and wind in your hair, you’ve got nowhere to go but up.  They are developing the HipStar™, a product that will change the way hikers, campers, backpackers move by literally taking the weight off their shoulders.  The HipStar™ is a project of their passion in striving to help people achieve full mobility with only the power of two legs and accomplish physical feats they never thought possible – no matter if they’re young or old. It will be an affordable way to make travels more enjoyable.



Heavy backpacks create a forward trunk lean (rounding of upper back), which causes a forward head posture with extended neck, creating a neck and shoulder pain and make it difficult for muscles and ligaments to hold the body up. After a long day on the trail, even 5 kg (11 lbs.) will feel heavy no matter what you are carrying it in.  The HipStar™ is the solution for anyone seeking an effective means to transport heavy items without compromising on comfort. The HipStar™ will make life easier for people who are constantly on the go and is the perfect accessory for all types of travelers.



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