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Socks are an outward appearance of an inner commitment to fun! And if they aren’t, they believe that should be! Maybe that fun manifests itself in the form of some of their bright fun colors. Or maybe you are a black sock kind of person. Is that fun? It can be! It really can!


1. Auto-Adjusting non-slip cuff.

2. 180 degree ankle cushioning. Common blister spot GONE!

3. Y-stitched Reinforced heel. Adds a little bounce to your step.

4. Terry cushion for soft supple love.

5. Extra tension comfort on the shaft of the sock to keep it from slipping.

6. Flat Knit Ventilation Zone. Breathe baby breathe!

7. Dynamic Arch Support. Cause it feels AMAZING! Less pain is always a good thing!

8. Reinforced toe. Long toenail is welcome!

9. Reinforced heel. Less holes in socks was a long time coming. But is finally here!





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