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Why they exist: The Children

This all started with a passion. A passion to make the world a better place.

They have been involved in the refugee communities of Phoenix for some time now and have witnessed first hand how hard life can be for these families, the children in particular. They come from nations all around the world, seeking refuge from the dangerous turmoil of their home, and convening in the same neighborhoods as us.

They wanted to find a way to help these children coming from all over the planet in a way that would be effective and not the same mundane inundation they saw in most the other organizations helping refugee children.



So they developed a business model that sells watches and uses the revenue to support the tutoring and mentorship of refugee children. They pay passionate people already working in the refugee communities to tutor and mentor these children at the age they need it the most. By paying passionate people to do their passion, they are able to make their passion a priority in their life, resulting in consistency for the children.

The case of the watch is made of bamboo, the dial is made of cedar, and the strap is made of high quality leather garner from a phoenix local leathery. The straps are sewed on using saddleback stitching which is easily taught to the family members. All these components make for a simple yet effective watch that carries a powerful story. They chose to use an atlas as the dial’s face because we want to always be focused on helping refugees from around the globe. They chose to only engrave one number on the whole dial. The 6 o’clock roman numeral. This is because there are 6 continents that have inhabited civilizations, and they want to always be seeking to support people from every nation.





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