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This summer feels like the fastest we’ve ever experienced…yet we managed to pack so much in… and why does July feel like a lifetime ago? – time is weird that way, right?

With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, they developed Caply to keep up with your active lifestyle and accompany you on all of life’s adventures. Caply is intelligently designed to pack a lot of quality enhancements in a small body. See for yourself what makes it so awesome…The versatile life camera Caply.


A second-generation low energy consumption solution and custom battery design that can record non-stop for up to 5 hours, record 24 hours time-lapse, and standby for more than 120 hours.Effortless

Caply is always at the ready to capture extraordinary moments. Together with the Ultra Portable Size and Weight, Interchangeable Accessories, Caply is Versatile and On-The-Go for every part of your life-journey.




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