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New HyperDrive USB-C Hub with integrated retractable cable turns a single USB-C port into 8 ports (4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, microSD, SD, 3 x USB 3.1 and USB-C Power Delivery). Update: Cable will be detachable so you can use a longer cable if you wish. 


Almost all Qi wireless chargers currently in the market are the 5W, 10W or 15W variety designed for Android Smartphones which may not work well with the iPhone or charge the iPhone very slowly at less than 5W.

HyperDrive is the only wireless charger that supports all 4 Qi wireless charging standards (7.5W, 5W, 10W and 15W)

HyperDrive supports the latest Qi wireless charging standard including 7.5W high speed wireless charging optimized for the iPhone as well as 5/10/15W high speed wireless charging of Android smartphones.



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