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If you’re interested in multi-use clothing, this 3-in-1 pillow is a perfect fit. It can be used as a scarf, shawl, and pillow – perfect for long flights and cold weather.

There are three separate ways to make the pillow yours:

  • Refer a friend to GIGA Jacket via a tracking link. Please click here to apply your personal link. Or email them:
  • Adjust your pledge HK$234 (US$30) more and they will automatically add it to your pledge.
  • Simply pledge HK$234 to receive it as a perk.


The stylish exterior conceals a techie’s dream jacket, packed with 16 features ranging from an iPad pouch to a clear phone pocket. We have the design and functioning prototypes, now we need your help to make the GIGA Jacket a reality.




Pre – Order | $129