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Everyone brushes their teeth. But how about flossing? Pocket Flosser was created to make it too a daily habit.  Pocket Flosser is the pain-free way to floss your teeth using high pressured water or your favorite mouthwash. Its built-in pump allows you to build pressure easily *without* batteries or wires making it small enough to stay on your bathroom counter or travel with you wherever you go.



Brushing is part of our daily lives. We do so in the morning and at night. Flossing though? Not so much. It’s either painful to the fingers or hard to reach the back teeth.   Interdental cleaning (cleaning in between the teeth) is an important step to achieve overall good oral health. Research shows that the build up of germs in between the teeth can cause *gum disease, bad breath, and overtime can eventually lead to tooth loss; and increased risk of heart attacks, diabetes, and other serious health diseases.






Pocket Flosser helps disrupt the formation of bacterial colony underneath the gums, removes loosely lodged debris and food particles in areas where brushing, flossing, and rinsing alone has limited access to. Experience the ease of use, convenience, and control with the Pocket Flosser!


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