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Have you ever been in a situation when your phone has mysteriously disappeared at your own home? One moment it was in your trusty hands and the next it is nowhere to be found. Sure enough no one has seen its disappearance and some swear they didn’t know you had a phone in a first place.

Most likely you have left it in another room or on your dining table or maybe one of your kids has “borrowed” it and abandoned it in a far flung corner. It could have slipped between the cushions of your couch or you have altogether forgot it in the car and just though that you brought it inside. Worst of all this vanishing act tends to occur right when you need to go somewhere (like work) or do something super important (like share latest with your friends).

Interestingly enough your phone eventually tends to show up just couple feet away from the spot where it was “lost”. Frustratingly enough showing up doesn’t happen immediately and fair amount of effort has to be invested into phone’s reappearance.

There are couple of standard ways of finding a phone. You either 1) take other phone (or computer/laptop/tablet) and call your phone or 2) wander from room to room turning you dwelling upside down till you find it. The problem with the first method is that you don’t always have another device at the ready, the problem with the second method is that it is frustrating and time consuming (and you have to clean everything later on).

Better solution

Press a button and your phone rings!

That would be a simple way of finding a phone, wouldn’t it?


Findotron is a small stationary device which sits quietly on your table and waits till inevitable misplacement of the phone occurs. All it wants from you is a gentle tap on it’s central button. Once you press it Findotron sends a signal to the server running on the internet and that server makes a call to the special app running on your phone. Your phone starts to ring (or vibrate if it is in quite mode) thus blowing it’s concealment.

It is worth noting that since Findotron uses internet connection your phone can be found even it was lost in a spot with bad WiFi reception or in a spot with bad cell reception. For as long as your phone retains any way of reaching internet it has a way of talking to Findotron.

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  • Quick way to find your phone
  • USB connector to charge your phone
  • LED illumination to find button and USB connector in the dark
  • Small footprint
  • Nice looks



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