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Instinct Backpack is the most thoughtful and innovative backpack designed for travelers, photographers, businessman and commuters. It is not just a bag for holding everything inside. It handles every item like an assistant with the revolutionary Instinct Packing Systemand 6 functional “Incubes”.  Also, an App! It does things other backpack can’t. Because it suits your needs no matter where you go and what you do.


So what makes it so great? It’s a long story but let’s start with the backpack itself. The name is Instinct is given because of the smooth and seamless user experience.

The instinctive pockets are right by your side no matter what you need. Powered by Velcro, Instinct Packing System create a modular packing experience for you to customize your backpack compartments with the 6 different functional Incubes. You can move around your toiletries, electronics and cables, dirty and clean clothes, camera and lens, shirt and tie, passport and cards just as easy as you move the apps in your smartphone.


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