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A chef’s most important tool is his knife, that’s why they’ve created an outstanding and unique design that opens a new era for kitchen knives. The Achilles knife set features a uniquely designed handle that fits perfectly into your hand and provides the best possible grip, even if you hands, or the knife itself are wet.

After several years of development, testing, adaptations and makeovers they are able to bring a truly remarkable Chef’s Knife to you. Because of their years of testing, their company is able to bring you a truly special knife that is of pinnacle of quality, design, usability, durability and sharpness. For them launching this campaign is a very, very special moment, because of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that were involved in the process of bringing this unique knife into being.


The blade of Achilles is formed like a traditional western all-purpose Chef’s knife. It is ideal for all kinds of chopping, slicing, and dicing.  The Achilles handle is uniquely shaped and fits perfectly into your hand to provide the best possible grip even if your hands or the knife itself is wet.  The most noticeable feature of Achilles is the hole in its handle. It is a point that provides balance and grip to the knife. The hole sits at the knives point of balance and allows you to put a finger into it for optimal pressure distribution while cutting.




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