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Meet the ARMA watch project — a modern timepiece inspired by the most prominent military watches of the WWII era. They are fascinated by the amazing harmony of functionality and incredibly stylish design combined in a single timepiece offered by watchmakers for military purposes. The idea behind their project is obvious at the first look but challenging nevertheless. The look and distinctive features became iconic after the war ended, and that’s what inspired them to research this phenomenon further and develop their own wristwatch which draws on the best and most interesting details, converting them into a modern, attractive and fresh shape. Their goal was to create a military inspired wristwatch, but the most important thing was to make it stand out among other products.



The Avenger takes inspiration from two sources. First, the grace and strict functionality of WWII era military wristwatches. Second, the aircraft dashboards of US and RAF jets and airplanes, such as produced by Lockheed, Hawker and Grumman. The model bears the name of the US heavy bomber Grumman Avenger. There are several crucial points they needed to emphasize in their watch to allow the spirit of the classic pilot watch to shine through. As a result, the dial offers precise time-telling through a sleek, clean design with contrasting indexes, a rounded layout, and 24-hour markings. The seconds dial design is based on dashboard supportive indication elements of WWII bomber planes.



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