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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to adjust the performance of your skis on the fly depending on changing snow and skiing conditions?  At Verispellis, they have designed a revolutionary pair of skis that will allow you to change the stiffness of your skis from your smartphone. This innovative technology will allow you to reduce your quiver into a versatile pair of skis.


Their design features a very unique metal, called Nitinol, which belongs to the family of shape memory alloys. Nitinol changes its material properties with changes in temperature. They built the first prototype with a single  layer of nitinol sandwiched between the usual wood and fiberglass layers of a traditional ski. Adjacent to the nitinol, they placed small heating elements connected to a lithium ion battery pack. You can turn on the electronics that activate the heating elements with a switch on the battery or remotely (via Bluetooth) using a smartphone app.



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