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ThriveSteer is different from other planners because it is developed by a mental health professional. It guides you through how to determine your goals with life balance in mind because we often set goals that are unattainable or not reflective of what we actually desire. The cohesive process is driven by values we view as the common factors to success based on clinical and management experience. ThriveSteer planner is not only a calendar for you to schedule your life, but a practical developmental tool that coaches you toward the person you want to become as you focus on the priorities that matter most.


What’s Inside

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-Guidance via core values that are interwoven throughout the process.

-Space to create a pursuit statement for each life arena that will guide your actions and vision.

-A guidance process for your top actions you will take to live out your pursuit statements in each life arena.

-Monthly calendar pages for a quick full month view with inspirational quotes.

-Weekly calendar pages for planning appointments, tasks, and activities. 30 minute time slots allow you to plan your day in detail from 6:00am to 10:00pm. This includes a space to identify a core value and action steps you’ll focus on, as well as a section to identify what you’re grateful for and a space to take additional notes.

-Monthly follow up to reflect on your successes of the month and growth opportunities. Here you will consider adjustments to your goals and action steps to achieve greater success in the coming month. You will give your month a satisfaction rating that will aid your annual evaluation at the end of the year.

-Quarterly review to reflect on the previous three months and aid with breaking your year into four pieces that are easier for processing and reflection.

-Annual follow up to identify what contributed to your success and what led to disappointment, including taking your monthly ratings and charting them to determine themes of low rated and high rated months. These lessons will be used in your next year to continue to build on your successes!

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