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The “Aroo mini bar” is the small, lightweight yet strong, rechargeable vacuum compressor that allows you to pack more.  It is a system with included adapters for any retail vacuum storage bag.  The second generation adapter replaces the bag’s cap (if you choose) – the adapter has it’s own leak proof seal.


The “Aroo mini bar” was designed with travel in mind.  It’s shape fits conveniently and easily into any suitcase, bag, backpack or purse.  It’s contours tucks perfectly along the inside edge of any suitcase – into space that is typically goes unused.  There’s never a problem including the Aroo mini bar on any travel destination.  The Aroo is about the length of the average hand, 16cm, and fits comfortably in the palm.



Along the developmental line of the Aroo product – the company has been able to work with a mechanical engineer from a fortune 500 electrical supply company and obtain the perfect size, weight and performance motor.  When searching for a powerful vacuum, a traveler has two options: 1) toss this little Aroo into your bag or 2) use your vacuum at home and try to find a hotel vacuum to borrow to get home.  Said another way, Aroo can crush a metal paint can….see below 🙂



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