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The Five Continent SpicePuck™ is a better functioning, uniquely shaped spice container with two doors, a stainless steel bottom for durability and to keep spices potent. The hockey puck shape and weight make it feel great in your hand.

The shaker door lets you shake out spices the same way you currently use your glass containers. The large spoon door allows precise and easy access with a measuring spoon. Shake or Spoon – impossible with old-fashioned glass jars.


Keep Your Spices Spicy (Protect & Serve)

The Five Continent SpicePuck’s stainless steel base and solid top protect your valuable organic spices from “potency-reducing” light exposure. Let your SpicePucks serve you where you need them instead of keeping them “far, far away” in a pantry or a kitchen cabinet.

High Quality, Organic Spices & Herbs

Of course, they will include high quality, organic spices and herbs that will elevate your cooking. Several of their partners and cooperatives source directly from farmers and growers globally to ensure excellent quality. They prioritize suppliers that produce their spices in ways that are good for growers and the planet. Needless to say, the better the spice, the better your results.




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