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They’re Gravel -They’re passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions. Why the name Gravel? You know that sound when your tires leave the pavement for a dirt road? That’s where the adventure begins, that’s Gravel.

Dirt roads have led them to some their favorite places in the world – hot springs, mountain trails, and beautiful scenic routes. To us, Gravel is the means to take us somewhere amazing.

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What Is The Expeditioner Toiletry Bag?

Man that’s a great question, thanks for asking. Toiletry bags – it’s probably something you don’t think about all the time but it’s something that you need every single time you travel. We’ve set out to design the best toiletry bag on the planet.

This bag will carry it all while staying compact. Pack in an electric razor, electric toothbrush, loads of liquids, etc…easy peasy. See how we did it below!

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