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They’re creating a web app that will allow people anywhere in the world to build their own premium-quality, handcrafted wallet made in Portland. Think NikeID but for US-made wallets. When it’s built, you’ll get to fully customize the wallet you’ll own for years using an interface that’s beautiful, freeform, user friendly…and fun!

To get there, they need your help! Back their project and get their most popular wallet designed by you and made for you.


Problem 1: Most people don’t love their wallet.

They’ve talked to A LOT of people about their wallets in the last 3 years. They’ve learned most people don’t love their wallet because either they have a wallet that’s just like everyone else’s or they have so much stuff packed in it that they’re embarrassed every time they take it out. They think you should love the products in your life, especially those you carry with you every day.

Problem 2: People want their handmade products made personal, but custom is inefficient and expensive.

People want custom, especially for a personal handmade item like a wallet. But the process is inefficient and expensive on both ends. The customer has to order in person, by phone or email, usually with back and forth negotiations on price and design, and all without ever seeing what it will look like until it’s made. And the maker has to adjust their process, agonize about how to value their time and hold their breath when they ship it hoping it’s what the customer had in mind. Something’s missing…

WoollyLab is a new experience that lets you be the designer of your own handcrafted wallet. Imagine NikeID but for US-made wallets. Choose your leather colors, stitching, pattern and inscription. Watch your idea come to life right before your eyes until it’s perfectly yours.

The interface works like the creative process. It’s freeform and iterative, full of feedback and inspiration, and, best of all, it gives you all the control. The options are curated so it’s easy to get started and arrive at something beautiful. Still, the possibilities are endless.




Pre – Order | $50