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1) Replace with your letters/numbers on max. 3 hour indexes

2) Pick your color on the hr/min/sec hands

3) Pick your case/dial/band  (mesh band or leather strap)


In this new era, we all feel tired to buy a watch at the store with 7 times more markup, produced in mass volume which does not represent “YOU” on the design.

We team up here to summon your participation to induce a revolutionary change in the watch industry. FIRAYS is a watch brand providing customization that no one ever offered and dares to offer. To put your secret through customized indexes on the watch dial, we need your support to set up the line to produce it one by one. Each one is a unique piece carrying your own secret.

When to register my choices on customization?

Pre-order first & they will contact you your choices on customization before the project deadline. This is all Kickstarter projects’ procedure.


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