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Slick Diapers started as an idea when her daughter was born a few year ago. Changing diapers became the new norm 🙂 There were great days when my little angel would be anything but fussy and then there were those dreaded days when she would not cooperate with anything, including changing diapers.

That’s when the idea struck me for a simpler version of a diaper design that would not require any cooperation from the baby for changing it. The baby can be blissfully doing what they please and parents can easily sneak in a diaper change even if they had just one free hand. That was the intention behind this snap on diaper.


Why is this easier?

  • Easy to use (How easy is changing a diaper when it can be done with one hand? You don’t have to but that’s how easy it is)
  • Quick snap on design, saves time (The process of snapping a new diaper bottom to the waist does not require any alignment as the waistband is already in place and the bottom just sticks directly underneath. This allows the diaper to be fastened at a set position which keeps the diaper in the right alignment)
  • Reusable waistband equals less waste (rarely does a full diaper get soiled which causes a lot of waste going into the landfills. The reusable waistband allows for less disposable items into the environment.
  • No compliance from baby required (The baby can be in standing or in laying position. A baby asleep at night can be changed discreetly with minimal or no baby intervention)

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