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Help them capture the life’s work of Van Gogh.

He’s Timothy Sanders, a graphic designer who makes wallcharts that celebrate the arts.

This 24×36” wallchart gathers Vincent van Gogh’s complete oil paintings on a single page. The thumbnail images are grouped together by subject, so you can easily view his entire oeuvre, or study the specific categories of people, places, and things he chose to paint.


Altogether, the chart entertains as well as educates. By displaying the subjects Van Gogh focused on, he made a conscious effort to show a new perspective of the artist. For example, if you’re only familiar with a handful of his self-portraits, you can refer to this chart and see the total collection of them (38), and compare them side by side. Or, study his obsession with wheat fields (42 paintings), and flowers (70), or his portraits of women (85) and men (44). In addition, each of the 870+ paintings is labeled with a title and year to show how Van Gogh’s style developed from his early works to his final masterpieces.



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