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Maluna sells coolers from 40 quarts all the way up to the 111. Early this year, they began to apply everything they had learned in developing the Unhinged Cooler to create the best 20-quart cooler available. That’s when Abraham Engholm, one of their original Kickstarter backers who is a veteran, said “why not make it a 22 for veterans” and that’s when it started. So many of their Maluna supporters are veterans or serve in the military and they offer them a special discount but they wanted to do something more.


Each day, an average of 22 veterans and members of the military takes their own lives. That’s one person every 65 minutes. Over the past several years, there’s been an increasing effort among groups and organizations all over the country to reach out and help “end the 22 a day.”

They’ve partnered with veterans and their friends at The Fallen Outdoors. They’re a 100 percent volunteer organization that coordinates outdoor events for veterans. They have over 40,000 veteran members and organize thousands of events each year. Every Maluna Combat 22 sold will help contribute toward creating more to benefit veterans. Together, we can help veterans connect with the outdoors and each other.



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