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Hood Rat Glass Co. was brainstormed after lots of golf and a few beers to design and develop beautiful beer mugs and high quality glassware.    These new designs will give you the best experience to enjoying your favor beverage. They believe their designs will revolutionize the way people drink.


What they are offering is their 1st mug design, The El Guapo, which has been submitted for a utility patent with the USPTO and the status is now patent pending. This new mug has so many unique ergonomic features in the design that it is far superior to any currently on the market.  The ease of use is unmistakable and you will enjoy using an El Guapo mug for every type of beverage and occasion.  The unique design characteristics provide a more relaxed drinking experience by raising the center of gravity, providing an enlarged handle, and an outer shell design with edges.  All these together reduce the pressure put on the arm and wrist while using a mug and therefore allow you to drink in comfort.




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