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MotionLab bags are a complete innovation in backpack design, working with the human body, rather than constraining it.

Their award-winning bags use patented technology to place all of the load on your hips (where you’re strong) and lifting it completely clear of your shoulders and spine (where you’re weak), while moving the same way your own body moves.

They’ve created an entirely new experience in comfort and freedom of movement, with all the accompanying health benefits of improved posture and reduced back and shoulder strain.

What makes our bags unique is their comfort and carrying performance.  But to create the best Active Commuter bag ever made we added in styling, functionality and features so you can run or cycle into work with laptop and everything you need for the office, and keep enjoying it’s beautiful design once you get there too.



Carries everything you need for your commute and for in the office too, with separate compartments for work, clothing and shoes.  Reflective zips ensure you are seen at night without affecting the bag’s stylish design during the day.  We’re proposing to add reflectives to the base, rear and shoulder of pack for 360 visibility at night when running or cycling through busy streets.




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