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Fresh and healthy drinks – wherever you go

You’d like to take your own drinks wherever you go? You are looking for a bottle that is really convenient to use and therefore hygienic?

JuNiki’s Double Neck Enables You to Take Your Own Fresh and Healthy Drinks Wherever You Go by Providing a Most Convenient and Hygienic Bottle to Your Favorite Cold or Hot Drink:

  • Just water
  • Carbonated drinks
  • smoothies
  • juices
  • Infused beverages with fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Hot beverages like tea or coffee specialties


Can you imagine a flask bringing these valuable benefits?

  • Leakproof – ie with carbonated drinks
  • and easy to drink – without risk of spilling
  • and easy to fill with ice cold or burning hot drinks – so with bigger ice cubes or fruits & vegetables for infusing drinks
  • and easy to clean
  • and reliably avoiding mold
  • and to be filled / refilled almost horizontally – even under the tiniest dispenser





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