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MYnd Kraft is the programming version of UNO, Scrabble and Poker all mashed together in one quirky card game! It’s a dynamic game for the young, the old and every MYnd in between to use their super MYnd powers!

Mynd Kraft is super simple to understand, easy to play and what’s really cool is that there are 7 MYnd blowing games that could be played with 1 card deck. Some of the games are suited for ages 7+ while the other more strategic games are suitable for ages 11+. There’s even a game that’s played in teams. With 7 games, there truly is a game for every MYnd out there!


In addition to being an awesome card game, MYnd Kraft is also a great tool to help introduce and teach the basic principles of programming in a fun, exciting and interactive way. The game encourages the development of logical, strategic and critical thinking and problem solving skills.



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