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He’s been making guitar picks out of stone for a couple years now. His picks have gotten better over the years as he learns from his mistakes and receive feedback from his customers. He’s made a little over 1000 now and he loves making them.  So why does he need a Kickstarter campaign? He needs some new equipment and with two kids still in school he can’t just buy it, he needs to pay for it through his business and Kickstarter allows that opportunity. It’s a win for you because you get a great product and it’s a win for him because he gets to expand his business.


Much of the petrified wood in Washington state is from the Mid Miocene era, around 15 million years ago. Lush forest was buried during volcanic eruptions and became fossilized over millions of years. It ranges from perfectly grained wood that looks like fresh cut wood to beautifully replaced wood that has been filled in with agate and jasper in a wide range of patterns.




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