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Verso – a Durable, Biodegradable, and Inexpensive Spin Top

Being fond of simple toys that have endured the test of time, He’s\e set out to create such a toy to entertain people of all ages. Take them anywhere! Spin them on a variety of surfaces! Made from sustainable materials, the Verso’s durability will last for years! Its small size, plus its attraction for all ages, makes the Verso a great gift idea, whether its for stockings, weddings or party favors.


Manufacturing Process – 3D Printing

He’s utilizing 3D printing in order to create the Verso spin tops. Although not the most efficient, it has proven to be the best method for prototyping the design through the different iterations. I have a long-term goal of using injection molding once volumes permit, as it would allow for quicker build times. For the time being however, 3D printing is the most cost effective and versatile route. Check out this time lapse of printing one Verso!




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