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Trazor promises the world’s most versatile, all-in-one shaving system for the daily shaving needs of today’s men and women. Trazor gives you the freedom to choose your blades and shave anywhere with style and comfort. Trazor comes in two stunning models the Trazor GEL and the Trazor TRIM!



Trazor GEL features a built-in, revolutionary dual-purpose shaving-and-aftershave gel that is loaded with natural ingredients, that heal the skin. Apply the gel before shaving to prep your hair for a smother save, and re-apply aftershave to fight razor burns for a soothing effect.

Our dual-purpose gel offers a luxurious shaving experience using very little to no water, and its non-foam formula means no mess. The gel inside of Trazor GEL is transparent, so you can see each pass of the razor to reduce repeated strokes and prevent razor burn.



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