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Do you have heel pain? Their Lux Step insole can help!  Building on the highly successful clinical use and customer satisfaction of the Cluffy Wedge AND over 30 years of Dr. James Clough’s passion for study, research, and development of solutions for his patients, Lux Step is the answer for people who seek the benefits of the Cluffy Wedge technology in a convenient insole. In short, the Lux Step gives comfort and pain relief in every step.


They realize that you use your feet everyday – for work, for recreation, for everyday life. You need your feet to live life to the fullest. And you need those feet to be as pain-free as possible.

The Lux Step is a comfortable insole that allows you to walk correctly, freeing you from recurring foot pain. Utilizing our patented Cluffy Wedge technology, the Lux Step helps increase the mobility of your big toe – a major proponent in helping you walk correctly (and pain free!). Many shoes and insoles restrict movement and simply add more padding for feet to stand on (padding which wears out in a short amount of time). The Lux Step adds both cushion to your shoe’s footbed and corrective mobility of your big toe.



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