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The unique two-piece recovery tool stimulates deep tissue relaxation, safely triggering mental and physical health benefits.    GRAVITY works simply and naturally with your own body weight, by raising and supporting the pelvis (via the keystone) and the neck and head (via the cradle). Gravity helps with:-



Why was GRAVITY invented?

  • Shane Murnaghan is a multi-black belted ninjutsu Bujinkan martial artist who broke his back in a serious car accident and was left suffering from chronic pain, unable to relax
  • He has a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and used his clinical experience and expert understanding of the human body to design and invent the GRAVITY system
  • Finding that it triggered the deep relaxation his body badly needed to heal, Shane’s pain levels reduced!
  • With mobility restored, he introduced the GRAVITY system to some of his patients, discovering that it induced the same deep relaxation he had felt, with a wide range of benefits.



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