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GunLamps was co-founded by a US Marine Corps veteran and a British Army veteran, who met in California in 2012, became best friends, and business partners. What started as a simple gift idea, from one gun-lover to another, has developed into an exciting business endeavor with uncapped potential. They’re launching this Kickstarter campaign to fund initial production and jump-start the business.



Their products:

Choose between their unique .44 Magnum or 1911 paper towel dispensers, and our exclusive GunLamps product line, such as the 1911 and .44 Magnum desk lamps or the RPG, M4 and the .50 Cal floor lamps. (not available anywhere else)

Other ways you can help:

They would really appreciate any assistance with promoting GunLamps, to help the spread awareness of our campaign. Kickstarter has great sharing tools for social media sharing, located in the upper right hand side of the campaign page.  Please share with your friends and family!




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