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REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 is an innovative knife for professional chefs.  It’s innovative design improves drastically safety and functionality.   REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 stands out for its modular design, the excellent weight balance, the ease of use and its embedded security features.  This crowdfunding will finance the production of a limited series (50 pieces) REVERSO®KNIFE 2.0 by Chef Franco Di Nicola.

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Ease of use

On traditional knives, the push forward the tip exerted by the chef creates soreness of the hand, and the thrust point on top of the guard generates a lever that dissipates strength. As a result, we have more thrust, more effort, worst results and wrist pain.

REVERSO®KNIFE fixes this by moving the weight to the centre of the blade.


REVERSO®KNIFE is foldable. Once folded, it is completely harmless, allowing for very easy transportation and storage

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