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FLOTZ was born.
FLOTZ is all this, adrenaline, speed and interaction; it’s rolling a lot of dice all together and respecting few simple rules; it’s a desire to be together, for fun and excess.
FLOTZ is an ACTION RPG! A new thing of its kind,  a different concept than everything you have ever seen or played with.
The name FLOTZ does not have a precise meaning. It is  onomatopoietic , it is the sound of a blade sinking into the body, of a bullet that penetrates the flesh, of a laser beam that melts the metal.


Flotz is a new role playing game with a sci-fi flavour, amazingly adrenalinic and utterly entertaining. Its fingerprint is three-fold:

  •  A role-set, easy and accommodating, capable of delivering great satisfaction to noobs as well as to expert players. You can play Flotz for an entire evening with a “quick and dirty” campaign or  otherwise choose a party session with many smaller missions embedded in a unique and complex story-plot.
  •  An innovative dice system based set of rule (FullDiceSystem), permits players to roll an enormous amount of dice leaving each player in ecstasy for the  damage or benefits he/she can deliver with it.
  •  A very unpredictable and customizable progression will build up your character. There are no levelsclassesracesgender or special abilities. Only mutations, drugs, cybernetic implants, powerful weapons, super fast vehicles, exoskeletons, a huge range of lethal and useful gadgets…will let your characters alive in a pitiless universe.

Are you ready to evolve?




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